First Aid

First Aid

The school is equipped with first aid facilities sufficient to deal with minor injuries and Asmol and Spacers for asthma sufferers. We provide a trained First Aid Officer who is on duty everyday at both lunch times.  Other times of the day, office staff (who are trained) look after this area. Many of our staff members are also trained First Aiders.

Accidents in the yard are treated at school, with contact made to parents or a doctor if we believe it is the most appropriate action.  If your child has had a head bump at school and has been treated by a First Aider, then you will be notified.

Some children attending school need regular attention to control illness such as asthma, diabetes, hay fever, severe allergies or epilepsy. Parents whose children have such needs should discuss this with the Office and acquaint the classroom teacher with full details.

In severe incidences an Ambulance will be called when deemed necessary by the First Aid Officer in charge. We would strongly urge all families to take out Ambulance cover to help cover costs. For information regarding this cover call  1300 366 141 or visit

This is a reminder to all families that the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not hold accident insurance for school students. Beaconsfield Primary School has no ‘whole of school’ accident insurance program in place. Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including transport costs. Most medical costs can be refunded by Medicare, ambulance or health insurance funds (if you are a member), you may also be able to claim transport or other expenses from the fund. If you wish to take out insurance for your child, please contact an  insurer who does student cover. Here are a few websites with insurers offering cover, please do your research and make an informed decision for what will suit you as Beaconsfield Primary School cannot endorse any one company: or contact a broker through

Tablets or medicine should be supplied in the original container marked with the child’s name, grade, dose and time the dose is to be given along with a medication form. It must be handed to the Office for safekeeping.

A Medication Authority Form needs to be completed if a student requires medication whilst at school.  These can be obtained from the office.  Please note that wherever possible, medication should be scheduled outside of school hours, e.g. medication required three times a day is generally not required during a school day: it can be taken before and after school and before bed.

Spare sets of medicine for long-term illness may be secured in the sick bay. These, too, need to be supplied in a clearly marked container, with instructions and administration of the medicine.

If your child requires a puffer for asthma, please ensure that it is kept with them and that it contains the appropriate medication, as outlined in your individual Asthma Management Plan.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION – When students are enrolled, emergency details are placed onto our computers to help us make contact with you or your identified carers in an emergency situation. It is vital that this information is kept up to date and accurate. Any changes to phone numbers or other details must be given to the Office as soon as possible to ensure no unnecessary distress is caused in an emergency.


The incidence of head lice is an issue with all schools. At Beaconsfield we minimise the incidence of head lice by asking parents to make routine inspections of their child’s hair so that immediate steps can be taken should lice or eggs be present. It is important you let us know if head lice are present, so that if necessary, grades can be notified and chances of spreading are reduced. Children are not permitted to return to school until after appropriate treatment has been undertaken.  We have included a website which offers resources and further information from the Department of Human Services to help you find and treat this compliant:

As well as our office staff, our first aid officers are:

Sam Rooke           Jenny Morel       Melissa Kolbeck   Kylie Wilson