School Information

 What’s so special about Beaconsfield Primary School?

Its exciting Curriculum!

    * Highest priority is Literacy Development for all our children - Victorian Early Years Literacy Program, high parent support, Reading Recovery, Library staff.
    * Maximum effort in the development of a cutting edge Mathematics program – Early Years Numeracy Program
    * State of the art Learning Technologies program linking Library, computers and communications.
    * Concerts, performances and special events are built into our learning programs.
    * Excellent assessment and reporting processes involving detailed ongoing assessment.
    * Programs and people to support the development of the “whole” child.

Its opportunities for excellence!

    * Participation in extension programs for children with special interests/talents.
    * Participation in Challenge of the Minds, Science Day, Maths Day, Chess Club and Sporting opportunities.
    * Celebration of Literacy, working with many other schools in the district.
    * Junior and Senior Choir.
    * Human Powered Vehicle Program.

Its focus on the wellbeing of children!

    * Self esteem programs - Tribes program.
    * Organised lunchtime activities.
    * Most staff has Level 2 First Aid qualification.
    * Individual programs for children with special needs.
    * Before and After School Care on site.
    * Personal interaction between staff, students and parents.

Its beautiful environment!

    * 9 new classrooms, indoor basketball court, Art Room, Music Room and Canteen.
    * Beautifully landscaped gardens.
    * Covered hard court areas.
    * Adventure playgrounds.
    * Indigenous wetlands.

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